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Super fiber shoe leather

Super fiber shoe leather

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Super fiber shoe leather

After leather is used for a period of time, scratches or wear marks will inevitably appear. The first thing we need to do is to observe the condition of the leather, whether it is seriously damaged or just lack of maintenance, and then decide on the correct cleaning, maintenance and repair actions, otherwise random maintenance will damage the leather. So how to maintain leather properly? Every day after use must remember to clean their own leather, so as to avoid some dirt and stay on the leather for a long time, make the leather more difficult to clean. To clean the surface, mix white vinegar with water, and then wipe off dirt and dust with a cloth. If the dirt is serious and there is no suitable detergent around, please send it to a professional store for cleaning immediately. Super fiber shoe leather

Choose the right leather oil, you can choose natural animal oil, such as mink oil or salmon nourishing oil. This oil mainly helps to maintain leather. For maintenance, waxy leather oil is not recommended. Although it will be glossy, too much wax will affect the air permeability and shorten the life of leather.



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