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Super fiber shoe leather

Super fiber shoe leather

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Super fiber shoe leather

If there are some small scratches on the leather, you can gently and slowly wipe them with fingertips, palms or cotton cloth, and wipe them with hands or a small amount of leather oil. Proper storage after careful maintenance, leather should be properly stored, do not put in too high temperature or too wet place, also to avoid direct sunlight. Too wet is easy to mold the leather, and long time exposure will make the leather dry, so try to put it in a ventilated and cool place. PU synthetic leather material

Remember: when cleaning leather goods, use soft cotton cloth and leather wax to avoid damaging the leather surface. Do not wash leather goods directly in water. The following points should be avoided when using: rain, long time exposure to the sun, high temperature above 70 ℃, avoid direct friction with rough objects, avoid contact with acid and alkali and other corrosive substances. When the leather is torn or damaged, it should be repaired in time. If it's a small crack, apply some egg white to the crack, and the crack can be bonded. If the leather is mildewy, wipe it directly with a dry cloth, then wipe it with 75% alcohol once, and finally maintain it with maintenance oil once, waiting for the leather oil to absorb. Never wipe with water or gasoline. Water can make leather hard, gasoline can make leather oil evaporate and dry.



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