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Shoe leather super fiber

Shoe leather super fiber

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Shoe leather super fiber

Many people can't wait to use leather goods as soon as they have bought them, but in the long run, it's more appropriate to do early maintenance. Just like the common wallet, it shows the primary color of leather when it is bought, but after pre maintenance, it emits the luster of honey color. This has two advantages: first, the visual, ornamental, service life is superior; Second, in daily use, when the color becomes darker, it is more stain resistant. Shoe leather super fiber

It is recommended to polish the newly bought leather with a clean cloth, and then apply it evenly with mink oil or croissant. Care cream is also a good choice. After application, put it in a sunny place, but avoid direct sunlight at noon. Choosing mild sunlight can also make the oil on the leather surface absorb better. In addition, there is also an important reason is the sun, because the vegetable tannins in vegetable tanning leather will emit at high temperature, which directly leads to the color change of leather and has a certain ripening effect on leather. Exposed to the sun, wipe with a clean cloth, you can use it. As for the criteria for judging whether maintenance is needed, I think it's better to feel a little dry when touching leather goods. Some people buy leather goods without maintenance, even the best leather will crack. You can check your leather goods, if you find traces of leather edge fracture, it is due to lack of maintenance.



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