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What kind of leather is good for 3D seat cover?

2021-06-09 09:27:02

What kind of leather is good for 3D seat cover?

With the increasing cost of China's automotive products aftermarket, car cushion has become an important consumer goods for car owners. Now there are natural leather, super fiber leather, PU leather, chemical fiber and other different materials of car seat cover on the market, and 3D seat cover is becoming more and more popular. So what kind of fabric is a good 3D seat cover?

Super fiber auto leather

In addition to the demand for comfortable ride and protective seats, 3D car seat covers also need to have the performance of 3D three-dimensional version sharing luxury first-class life. What kind of leather fabric does the high-quality 3D seat cover use?

Drivers with a resume all know that correct sitting posture and good sitting feeling are the premise of safe driving, and also an effective way to alleviate driving fatigue. Installing a suitable seat cover or laying a cushion has obvious advantages in improving sitting feeling and increasing comfort. As for 3D seat covers, they are all year round, soft and comfortable, healthy and breathable, wear-resistant and so on. As for the requirements of car health, we attach great importance to the air pollution in the car, and the raw materials used in production do not increase any low boiling point organic solvents; It uses polyols in pure Pu stock solution to connect with different material systems through modification, and super fiber auto leather Zero solvent wear-resistant PU leather does not add any adhesive to carry out one-time composite sponge, so as to achieve non punching, breathable and high peel strength for car seat cutting process.



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