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Thermoplastic polyurethane without plasticizer

2021-06-09 09:13:16

Thermoplastic polyurethane without plasticizer

Electric tools, mobile phones and laptops have the same requirements for handles, that is, comfortable touch and good quality. The secret is the material used to make the handle. The soft and plasticizer free thermoplastic polyurethane from PU synthetic material has this characteristic.

PU synthetic material

Two substances of different hardness are often combined to combine different and sometimes conflicting plastic properties. In many cases, thermoplastic elastomers (TPU) are used as soft parts. To date, the use of plasticizers is essential to produce thermoplastic polyurethane below 75 shore a. However, the migration of plasticizers will lead to an increase in the hardness of the final product.

PU synthetic material has successfully developed a durable low hardness thermoplastic polyurethane without adding plasticizer. Because the properties of thermoplastic polyurethane without plasticizer below 75 Shore A are general and difficult to process, it is not practical. Three kinds of PU synthetic materials with shore hardness a between 50 and 70 without plasticizer have been developed. These new products will no longer have these shortcomings. Now we can buy super soft plastics with low shore hardness of 53a and designated PU synthetic material series. This kind of plastics has excellent processability while maintaining the properties of thermoplastic polyurethane. Combined with higher hardness thermoplastic, the product will have a comfortable touch.

In addition to low hardness, the decisive factors for selecting thermoplastic elastomer (TPU) include tensile strength, wear resistance, tear resistance, and resistance to environment and temperature. The mechanical properties of the newly developed PU synthetic materials are very high in thermoplastic polyurethane. Ultra soft PU composites can be processed on conventional injection molding machines or by extrusion.



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