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Development trend of polyurethane elastomer

2021-06-09 08:53:17

Development trend of polyurethane elastomer

Due to the excellent properties and wide applications of polyurethane elastomers, the research on polyurethane elastomers is in the ascendant at home and abroad, and the processing and use properties of polyurethane elastomers are continuously improved through technical means. In recent years, many new types of polyurethane elastomers have been developed by guobiaoli

High thermal stability polyurethane elastomer: Domestic Research Institute of chemical industry and other units improve the performance of polyurethane elastomer by improving the molecular crosslinking density of elastomer, improving the degree of microphase separation, selecting isocyanate and chain extender and other raw materials, aiming at the shortcomings of poor high temperature resistance and easy hydrolysis of polyurethane elastomer Thermal stabilizers and fillers are used to improve the thermal stability of polyurethane elastomers.

Polyurethane PU

Antistatic polyurethane elastomers: many use platforms, especially some newly developed electronic, medical, automotive, packaging industries, have high anti-static requirements, so the development of antistatic polyurethane elastomers has become a tight development direction. Many domestic research institutions have accepted the preparation of antistatic polyurethane elastomers by adding cationic antistatic agents, adding carbon black, metal materials, metal fibers, and blending with hydrophilic polymers or intrinsic conductive polymers.

Biodegradable polyurethane elastomer: technicians exercise the natural layout and characteristics of biological resources to produce polyurethane elastomers that can be decomposed by microorganisms like wood. At present, some Japanese companies mix wood powder, sucrose and burnt coffee and other natural materials into polymer polyols to prepare polyurethane elastomers. It can reduce the amount of polyols, reduce the production of the original, and endow the finished products with biodegradability. There are already a number of commodities abroad.

High damping polyurethane elastomer: the high performance damping polyurethane elastomer produced by ear special composite material company of USA has a wide range of applications. The rubber gasket, seal, collar, buffer, shaft seal, etc. made have good damping advantages.

Liquid crystal polyurethane elastomer: in recent years, the research on liquid crystal polyurethane elastomers is relatively active, mainly in the selection of raw materials, optimization of process routes and physical properties improvement. Liquid crystal polyurethane is a kind of polyurethane elastomer with liquid crystal property in melt condition. It has good mechanical, thermal stability, high elasticity, high elongation and processing performance. The synthesis of liquid crystal polyurethane elastomer can be achieved by one or two-step polymerization. The processing and forming process is diverse, and extrusion, needle injection, molding and coating can be used.

Modified polyurethane elastomer: the blending of synthetic materials has become one of the key points of polymer research and development. Polyurethane elastomers can be blended with PVC, PV, PE, ABS and other synthetic resins to reduce the production cost and improve physical and processing properties.

Shape image polyurethane elastomer: shape image polyurethane elastomer is a new shape image material. Shape image polyurethane elastomer has the advantages of low cost, easy to form and processing, wide use limitations, and has wide source of raw materials, free adjustment of formula, wide performance selection and can meet the requirements of different places.



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