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From the first generation artificial leather to Pu fabric manufacturer

2020-11-20 09:49:41

From the first generation of artificial leather to Pu fabric manufacturers

As a substitute of natural leather, artificial leather, such as PVC and Pu artificial leather, can not only overcome the shortcomings of low utilization rate, poor wear resistance, low tear strength, uneven texture and difficult cutting of leather, but also solve the problem of increasing shortage of leather resources.

Pu fabric manufacturer

There are many disadvantages of Pu fabric manufacturers in the early generation, such as stiff handle, poor softness and so on. With the birth of the second generation of artificial leather, it has many advantages, such as good light aging resistance and hydrolysis stability, and has become an ideal material to replace natural leather.

According to different coating materials, artificial leather can be divided into PVC artificial leather and Pu artificial leather. Pu artificial leather includes general PU leather and superfine fiber leather.

The appearance of superfine fiber PU synthetic leather is the third generation of artificial leather. The non-woven fabric with three-dimensional structure network creates conditions for synthetic leather to catch up with and surpass natural leather in terms of substrate. Combined with the newly developed processing technology of Pu slurry impregnation and composite surface layer with open pore structure, the product gives full play to the huge surface area and strong water absorption of ultra-fine fibers, which makes ultra-fine PU synthetic leather have the inherent moisture absorption characteristics of natural leather with bundle like ultra-fine collagen fibers, Or the appearance, texture, physical properties and people's wearing comfort can be compared with high-grade natural leather.

In addition, the superfine fiber synthetic leather is superior to the natural leather in chemical resistance, quality uniformity, large-scale processing adaptability, waterproof and mildew resistance.



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