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Common materials of automobile seat

2020-11-20 09:49:09

Common materials of automobile seat

Artificial leather products have covered all aspects of life, including seats, sofas, shoes, bags and so on. Among them, in the car seat, the application of artificial leather is very common.

Of course, universality is not equal to all of it. Besides artificial leather, there are other materials for seats. Today, I will take stock of the materials of car seats.

1、 PVC

PVC leather is the most common seat material in the car market. Villagers usually go to the store to see the "leather seats" written on the color page configuration sheet. In fact, only the places where the buttocks and back touch are leather. The rest of the parts are made of PVC. It's easy to understand that PVC is what we usually call artificial leather.

Automobile leather

2、 Pu

Pu is an upgraded version of PVC, also known as super fiber. It is better than PVC in terms of air permeability and handle. It is not only used by car companies, but also used by some internationally famous leather goods companies. Generally, Pu will be used in the back of our seats and door armrest.

3、 Alcantara

This kind of leather is also artificial leather, which is what we usually call suede material. Although it is also artificial leather, the cost of suede material is much higher. Therefore, this kind of material is mostly used by luxury cars and sports cars. The advantage is that the friction is very good and it won't slide.

4、 Dermis

Genuine leather, as the name suggests, is natural leather, which comes from animals. For example, the current application of more cattle, deerskin, mink and so on. For example, we will see such words as "head layer calf" in the brochures of luxury cars. In fact, from the price point of view. The first layer of leather is really higher and more expensive than the second layer of leather.

A piece of skin is divided into two parts, the upper part is the first skin, and the lower part is the second skin. When processing two-layer skin, there is no skin on the upper part, only a layer of things can be sprayed to cover, and the spray is PVC

5、 Nappa skin

This material is usually only used in luxury cars. It is made from the top layer of cow leather after processing. It not only has fine grain, but also has a very good touch. It also brings different enjoyment to the "noble in the skin".

How do the villagers distinguish between genuine leather and fake leather when they are looking at cars? We can tell the true from the false with only one hand. After pressing, the synthetic leather has no obvious lines. And natural leather, press down will have a very obvious sense of texture, the difference is very obvious, I suggest you try.

However, I still suggest that you don't be greedy for small and cheap things. When you buy something, you must remember that you get what you pay for. It's definitely impossible to equip a large area with genuine leather for more than 100000 cars. In addition, for the daily purchase of family cars, in fact, leather seats are not as suitable as fabric seats. Although they don't look so high-grade, they won't be as cold in winter and hot in summer as leather seats, but for family cars, easy to use is the hard truth!



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